Transmutative Cinema

Transmutative Cinema screens challenging, overlooked films existing outside the traditional systems of expression and distribution. These works represent ways out of cliches. They suggest an alternative to Hollywood. One might call these independent movies, but that is a term that has lost meaning in the hands of advertisers seeking the same thing as Hollywood – profit. If Transmutative Cinema is independent of anything it is independent of the notion that great art knows anything. The films that make up Transmutative Cinema, rarely proclaim to know anything. If they have knowledge of anything at all its the knowledge to know that only through the asking of tough questions can we come to any understanding of ourselves. By asking questions about ourselves and our world these movies perform transmutations on our hearts and mind.


Transmutation Cinema usually meets at on Saturday and Sunday nights at The Alchemist Theater in the Bayview neighborhood of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. For a scheduled films and start times please check our main page.

$5 gets you admission to the film, popcorn, and a beer (or soda)


Getting There
The Alchemist Theater is located on the MCTS: Route 15

From UWM


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