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Posted in Guest, Screenings on January 8, 2009 by Ryan Sarnowski

ONE NIGHT ONLY – Saturday, February 7th (10pm)
Transmutative Cinema welcomes filmmaker Mike Gibisser and his quiet, awkward, and touching FINALLY, LILLIAN AND DAN. Mike will be driving up from Chicago to attend the screening and answer questions after the film.


FINALLY, LILLIAN AND DAN is a meditation on young love and its delicacy: its hope and exhilaration, as well as its loneliness, turbidity and naivet… Lillian lives in a quiet yet comfortable isolation, sharing an apartment with her grandmother, an aging widow. Their dependence on one another is cyclical, simultaneously making them whole and holding them back. Dan’s dependence is more tactile. Living in a more tortured solitude, his attempts at human connection are carried out in the only way he can manage: compulsive fits and starts. After a chance meeting, Lillian and Dan bump and misstep their way towards one another in a love story that is awkward and small, that stutters and spits, with its worry lines on its face and its heart on its sleeve.

“… an absolutely astonishing piece of ultra-low-budget garage filmmaking. Almost a silent movie, the movie’s delicate love story is played out–brilliantly, subtly played out, second by second, step by step–not in words, but almost entirely in the characters’ gestures, body language, and facial expressions… One of the best movies of the past year.” — Ray Carney, author “Cassavetes on Cassavetes”

“superb, very wonderfully and charmingly sketched and enacted. Tender, funny, and most importantly very human.” — John Gianvito, author “Andrei Tarkovsky: Interviews”

2008 | Color | Sound | 93 minutes
DV presented on DVD
Director: Mike Gibisser

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