Some A’s to Some Q’s

Why Transmutative?

Transmutation is the act or result of changing from one appearance, state, or phase to another. In the days of alchemy persons sought to transform everyday elements into precious metals. The works of cinema that we present possess the power and magic to transform the lives of our audience. Many of the works we exhibit find their inspiration in the common, the everyday; that which is overlooked because it not seen as glamorous, eccentric, film-worthy. However, in the hands of artists and through the artists eyes the banal becomes golden.

Another Film Series?

Milwaukee is a town with a great wealth of cinematic viewing opportunities. There’s the Oriental, The Downer, The Times, The Union Theatre, the LGBT Film Festival, Milwaukee Underground, Milwaukee Film, the film series at Woodland Pattern, and of course all the big corporate chains playing Hollywood’s latest releases.  So why another?

Transmutative Cinema exists because we feel that even with this great wealth of cinema something is missing. That something is inspiration. The movies we want to show are not just an alternatives to traditional narrative films, but calls to action. These films serve as proof that one can make a film outside of Hollywood, not only physically but spiritually. Regional cinema should reflect the culture and attitudes of the region it was made in and personalities of those involved in the film. We are sick of cinema that strives to emulate the shallow, success, and profit driven motifs of Hollywood. Transmutation Cinema shows there is something else worth shooting for.

How do I get my film screened?

Contact us, show us what you got. If we like it, we’ll try to play it


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